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When First is the Obvious Choice

With nearly 40 years of honed experience, we deliver market-leading performance while prioritizing the fulfillment of our promises.
First hospitality partner services
First hospitality is the Obvious Choice
From the partners we collaborate with at the earliest stages of the investment and development process, all the way to the individual employees managing day-to-day operations, we are here to unlock property potential and provide ownership teams with the tools needed to optimize the hospitality enterprise experience.
Our world-class team accomplishes this by maintaining a resolute focus on fundamentals, while never placing limits on where our boldest ideas can take us. What results is a legacy of innovation built on a foundation of reliability, profitability and the enduring commitment to sophisticated service needed to bring your hotels to life.

What We Do

Hotel Management at First hospitality

Hotel Management

We are nationally recognized as a premier hotel operator capable of delivering strong results and a smooth experience for partners. Our ownership mentality combined with our operational platform enables sophisticated, full-cycle execution with a focus on building top-line revenue while driving bottom line results.
First hospitality Restaurant and Bar Operations

Restaurant & Bar Operations

We serve as a complete resource for conceptualizing, constructing and managing award-winning restaurants and bars. Whether it's casual or fine dining, our creative and reliable team views each experience as an independent operation that requires a tailored approach.
Hotel Development plan at First hospitality

Hotel Development

From new builds to renovation or repositioning strategies, we are established development experts with the proven experience needed to take control, manage uncertainties, streamline operations, and bring your hotels to life.
Our Investment Management at First hospitality

Investment Management

Supported by our affiliate partner, First Investors, we offer a wide range of data-driven investment management strategies with a long track record of strong returns. Over the course of 35 years, we've invested in nearly 100 hotels across the country and delivered IRRs of over 22% on fully realized investments.
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Our Strategic Affiliates

First hospitality Strategic Affiliates

The Georgetown Company

A privately held New York based investment firm that is a strategic investment partner to First Hospitality, The Georgetown Company is a collaborative partner on acquisitions of hospitality real estate.

First Investors

The real estate investment management affiliate of First Hospitality, First Investors has a 35+ year track record of delivering industry-leading returns on opportunistic investments in premium select- and full-service hospitality assets across the country.

Our Values


Relationships are everything, and we provide the unmatched personnel and productive partnerships needed to thrive.

Culture of Quality

We attract and retain top talent by creating a work environment that brings out the best in all of us every day.

Tailored Solutions

We operate with tactical precision by offering targeted services custom-designed around your specific needs.

Streamlined Experience

Our proprietary platform offers a smooth and transparent client experience that helps keep you on track in a complex space.

Strategic at Every Stage

We bring reliability and expertise to each step of the process, from underwriting to operations.

Bold Vision, Big Results

We've confidently invested in nearly 100 hotels across the country while delivering an IRR of over 22% on our fully realized investments.

Owners Mentality

As owners ourselves, we understand client needs and operate with a keen focus on both bottom-line and operating results.